On-site Design, Guidance and Implementation

  • Credit Origination and Administration [More]
  • Risk Management Process and Infrastructure [More]
  • Organize and Manage Impaired Credits [More]


Credit Officers Certification Programme [1 & 2] [More]

Early Warning & Problem Recognition Seminar [More]

Remedial Management Workshop [More]

Combined 2-Day Remedial Management and Early Warning & Problem Recognition Seminar for Board Members and Senior Managers [More]

Senior Risk Management Seminar [Exclusively in Switzerland] [More]

Credit Reviews

To provide senior management with an independent assessment of the quality and collectability of a business unit’s portfolio and how the business credit risk management function is being run.

To alert management to potential problems in its credit portfolio and in key individual credits. This is an internally driven review undertaken by a business unit under the guidance and organization of VaudRisk

Event driven review to help a business monitor and measure the impact of environmental, competitive or regulatory changes on its credit portfolio

Periodic review to ensure that required credit and credit-related documentation are in hand and up-to-date