Remedial Management Workshop


  • To teach participants the importance of acknowledging impaired credits and the eventual positive financial impact that can result from organized, dedicated management of such credits


We use this 3-day VaudRisk Remedial Management Training Workshop to highlight the depth and challenge of credit impairments and the urgency of organizing and executing a focused management response. The Workshop includes: portfolio studies and coding of impaired individual credits using the VaudRisk Remedial Credit Coding System [VRRCS]; the VaudRisk Credit Cycle; Credit Classification as a problem recognition and remedial management tool; and Case Studies as a form of post mortem for lessons learned. We will also teach participants how to manage or contribute to remedial units in planning & executing strategies and action steps


Individual and group exercises to be advised 2 to 4 weeks prior. Group exercises are designed for 3 or more participants from the same business or country unit