VaudRisk Credit Officers Certification Program 1 & 2 [COCP]


  • To assist the company to identify, recruit, and train bankers and potential credit officers to assume the responsibilities of senior credit risk officers
  • Reinforce key skills sets and share best practices to equip senior credit risk officers to perform to the highest institutional standards of credit risk management in the company and industry
  • Serve as a medium to evaluate the performance and suitability of officers currently exercising credit authority


This 2 part course [COCP 1 & COCP 2] will cater to current and prospective Credit Officers of the Bank. Parts 1 & 2 will be delivered with a 6 months interval. Full participation in COCP 1 will be a pre-requisite for participation in COCP 2. The course will reinforce the fundamentals of credit, accounting, financial analyses, and how to initiate and manage credit risk in the Bank

The VaudRisk Credit Cycle will be the model for instruction. Classroom instruction and the case study will be the principal teaching methods. These will be complemented by video and guest presentations. Team assignments and presentations will be a feature as will individual tests and team contests. A class size of 30 to 35 participants is recommended

Key areas to be covered in COCP 1 will include Target Marketing, Credit Initiation, Credit Administration, Documentation, Early Warning & Monitoring systems and Remedial Management

Focus areas in COCP 2 will include Due Diligence at Initiation and Renewal of Credits; Cash Flow Projections & Analysis; Management and Competitive Analyses; Debt Rating Model [DRM]; Structuring; Compliance, Anti-Money Laundering/Fraud Detection; Basel II & Basel III


A. For COCP 1: Minimum 2 years experience in the Company engaged in credit functions. Credit functions are defined as credit analyses; preparation of credit proposals; regulatory reporting on credit portfolio; credit administration; and customer account or relationship management

B. For COCP 2: As above plus full participation in COCP 1